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You've been married only a week. You haven't even gone on your honeymoon before you're thrown into a living hell.  Struck down by 14,000 volts of electricity.  Days later, you find you are losing a hand, your losing both legs below the knees, your losing your freedom, and ultimately your identity.  Would you have the strength to live?

Passion for Safety

Paul has found his passion once again, and continues to work in the utility industry.  He and his wife Lorraine travel across North America giving inspirational talks, empowering people with his powerful message.

Empower Your Team

If you empower a good team, you are going to win. Pauls story empowers everyone who listens, whether it's reading his book or having him speak at your organization. 


In Paul Hebert’s The Sun Above the Clouds, travel back to an age of taming the raw, Canadian land by hand, and follow through to the present, as Paul tames his soul, through tragedy to personal triumph. After suffering through an early life of alcoholism and abuse, Paul had found his calling, crawling up electrical poles as he had seen an Indian do when he was a kid. He loved his career as a power lineman. But brawls in bars and blackouts haunted him. Through sheer determination, Paul brought himself to find patience for others and love in life–for heli-skiing and for the woman he was about to marry. But just days before his honeymoon in Hawaii, Paul was struck by 28,000 volts—the force of a nuclear explosion—in a work accident, nearly killing him, and sentencing him to a life of surgeries, depression, near-death experiences, and the loss of both feet and his right hand. Find out how, through the love and help of others, Paul learned not only to love himself again, but to help thousands of other people through speaking and writing, and to once again be truly happy.

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